Catherine Flanagan Mindfulness Meditation

Katy is certified to teach Mindfulness Meditation. She completed Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield’s Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification Course, offered in conjunction with the U.C. Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.  She has been practicing Mindfulness Meditation since 2009, and began teaching in 2019.

After decades of striving in school and as an attorney, life brought painful personal loss. She happened upon Tara Brach’s Wednesday night meditation class. Mindfulness meditation helped the immediate crises, but more importantly it brought acceptance of herself and her life as inevitably imperfect, inevitably human. Over time, mindfulness practice softened the unhealthy mental habits and attachments that had accumulated over decades as a competitive achiever. Judgmentalism and black-and-white thinking receded, creating space for equanimity and compassion. Mindfulness taught her the external circumstances of a situation are much less important than one’s attitude toward them.

Katy teaches mindfulness meditation at the Washington D.C. Center for Mindful Living and offers private classes and trainings to individuals, businesses and organizations.  An active member of D.C.’s meditation community, she facilitates discussion following Tara Brach’s Wednesday Night Class and helps lead the mentor program at the Insight Meditation Center of Washington. With the nonprofit Insight on the Inside, Katy shares meditation practices with incarcerated individuals, returning citizens and others in marginalized communities.

Her legal career includes corporate litigation at a large Wall Street firm and environmental enforcement at the United States Department of Justice. In the nonprofit sector, she litigated on behalf of voting rights plaintiffs and domestic violence survivors.

MMTCP Graduates

We offer our blessings and confidence in support of the MMTCP graduates of our worldwide teacher training. We honor the quality of what they have to offer, and the healing and awakening that these teachings and practices bring to our world.”  With Metta, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach