Breathe, Relax, and be Still.

Catherine Flanagan Mindfulness Meditaton

Cultivate a clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness and instill a greater calm and clarity to everyday life.

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Take a journey inside

About Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a simple practice that focuses the mind and opens the heart. We observe without judgment the moment-to-moment experience of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions. Over time, mindfulness meditation cultivates a clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness that instills a greater calm and clarity to everyday life. Mindfulness meditation can also be a spiritual path that leads to greater wisdom by gradually dissolving unhealthy mental and emotional habits that block freedom and growth. 

The two components of mindfulness meditation are awareness and compassion. By teaching us to accept what is, the practice nurtures compassion. It gradually softens the mind’s tendency to compare, judge and blame which obstruct our natural generosity. Mindfulness meditation is based on Buddhist practices that have helped people over millennia. 

Connect to your inner world

Benefits of Mindfulness

Become aware and present in every moment.

Settling the mind

Much of our anxiety is caused by the mind’s incessant chatter, which is quieted when we touch into the body’s sensations.

Connecting to the body’s wisdom

Mindfulness helps us to live from our heart and our intuition, as well as from our intellect.

Regulating emotion

As we become aware of the ways we habitually react to situations in everyday life, we gain space to choose our response.

Accepting what is

As we feel and see what arises within, we become kinder to our imperfect selves and our imperfect lives.

Cultivating compassion

Mindfulness meditation is specifically designed to nurture compassion toward self and others, an attitude that fosters intentional growth and improvement.

Think Clearer

Mindfulness can help improve cognitive function and increase mental clarity, focus, and concentration.