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Mindfullness Meditation

A Journey Through Meditation

Through promoting acceptance of the present moment, mindfulness meditation cultivates compassion and helps to alleviate the mind’s tendency to compare, judge, and blame, which can block our innate kindness. This practice is rooted in Buddhist techniques that have been benefiting individuals for thousands of years.

Energy Work and Mindfulness Practice
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Learn to Meditate

Introduction to meditation:
A 6 week mindfulness training course for new and beginning meditators.

Participants practice anchoring in the present moment through the breath and other body sensations. The course explores mindfulness of emotions and thoughts, and uncovers habitual ways of thinking and feeling that cause suffering. We delve into deep intention and aspiration so they may guide our lives. The course also teaches practices that cultivate compassion, generosity and other positive mind states. 

Heart practices for beginning and established meditators.

This six-week course is devoted to meditation that develops our deep capacity for generosity, compassion, loving-kindness, appreciation, and equanimity.  

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Workshops & Trainings

Katy trains corporate and legal teams on using mindfulness meditation to relieve stress, prevent burnout and lead to aware, balanced responses to workplace pressure.  The simple practice of pausing, being present, and intentionally putting aside the tendency to judge brings space for wise response, versus reflexive reaction.  

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Online Weekly
Sitting Group

New and experienced meditators sit together for a half-hour guided meditation, with time to share afterward.  Sitting together in real time, whether in person or online, provides the benefit of human connection. Regular sitting with a group is a great support for your practice, particularly for those new to meditation.

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Sign up for half-day or one-day retreats using meditation to explore areas such as concentration, loving kindness, equanimity, compassion, and forgiveness.  Retreats consist of sitting and walking meditation interspersed with talks. 

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